What our current landlords have to say…

From: Mandy
Sent: Friday, 22 February 2013 9:32 AM
To: rent@rentpro.com.au
Subject: RE: lindy

Hey Lindy

I have been meaning to email this to you for a while but never had a chance. I just wanted to let you know that as Agents managing my property the standard you have is really high in comparison to other agents. I have dealt with a few agents with different properties and you honestly are the absolute best that there is.

The paperwork you sent me when you finished with Ward was just so organized and clear and done so professionally. The tenant showed me the booklet thing you gave him which was great too. I have never had such organization and professionalism from any other agent ever.

You treat the properties like your own and that makes a difference from other agents who really don’t care. You do have the owners best interest at heart. When you hand the keys to the tenant you are at the property going through things etc. Other agents don’t do that, they just give them the keys in the office and don’t seem to go over things etc. I had one agent who was renting one of my other units and didn’t even bother to tell the tenants there was a pool on site so they didn’t know till they found out by accident! Other agents who do no inspections and have let the properties all deteriorate and get damaged etc and its only when I have gone to the properties that I have seen the damage –which the agents never bothered to tell me about and never got the tenants to fix before they moved out etc.

You really do give great service and offer such a high standard of property management and I just wanted to thank you for that and let you know that I really appreciate all the work you do for me. There is a big difference between your agency and others and I am really grateful that you care so much.
Thanks again


“I’ve dealt with a number of real estate agents over the years and Lindy Klein stands head and shoulders above the rest. Her dedication to searching for good tenants, showing them through the property and giving me instant feed back was outstanding. I found her advice on preparing the property for renting, her strategic thinking and her creative solutions to potential property short comings particularly invaluable.”
David. F

To whom it may concern,

Lindy Klein was our real estate agent that took care of maintaining our rental property in Sydney whilst we were living interstate for 2 years.
Lindy worked diligently and acted promptly to requests made to her. Additionally, she tried her hardest to get positive results with tenants that were at times difficult
to deal with.

We appreciate the time and effort that Lindy put into looking after our rental property and we are sure she will have much success going forward.

Yours Faithfully,

Ava Agnew

Please also feel free to contact us, we can pass on some of our current Landlords who we have been dealing with for many years