Hot days and relaxing dips seem to go hand in hand, but high temperatures can actually cause problems for your pool or spa.

PoolWerx CEO John O’Brien said extra sun exposure, temperature spikes and increased bather load can create issues for pool owners.

Most people don’t realise how much attention pools require during the warmer months, particularly when more people are using them, he said.

Prolonged exposure to UV rays burns chlorine which is required to kill bacteria, and warmer temperatures promote algae growth.

Increased bather load also adds contaminants like sweat, body oils and sun screen wash-off in pool water which affects pH levels and encourages bacteria.

That can cause swimmer health issues such as throat, eye and ear irritations and more serious infections.

Here’s five tips to keep your pool healthy in the heat:

1.    Check pool equipment regularly to ensure it’s running properly

2.    Ensure the pH level is within healthy levels

3.    Ensure chlorine levels are adequate to disinfect microorganisms

4.    Vacuum and skim the pool regularly

5.    Organise a professional check-up (on site or take a pool water sample to your pool specialists)

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